Plastic Surgery and Burns

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Plastic surgery is a prominent discipline of medicine, enabling the crossing of boundar of anatomy in order to reproduce its. This knowledge and skills will help  to reconstruct damaged tissue complexes, heal extreme burns  or improve the appearance of both a child with a birth defect, and those who struggle with obdurate time. This type of valuable and unique skills  require to nurture, cultivate and respect. Defense and strengthening of Plastic Surgery. With the aim of education and integration considerations and a desire to distinguish and isolate Plastic Surgery , we decided to call to life a new medical journal, Plastic Surgery and Burns.

The journal Plastic Surgery and Burns is the result of many years of efforts to separate and emphasize the role of this part of medicine, which should remain exclusively in the hands of plastic surgery. The  journal  includes and integrates on its pages disciplines such as plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, surgery of congenital malformations, healing of burns and aesthetic surgery.

The journal is originally published in the print version

ISSN 2300-7893

e-ISSN 2391-7989

Amount: 1200

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