Wound Management

Official scientific journal of Polish Wound Management Association

Wound Management is very important part of  educational activities of Polish Wound Management Association and also a platform for interdisciplinary scientific discussion about appropiate treatment of wounds of different etiologies.

On the pages are published original articles, review articles, opinion articles, case reports, letters to the Editorial Board and recommendations; beyond the recommendations of indigenous societies are also published recommendations of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA). The journal is also an integral partner of conferences and symposia affiliated with its Societies.

Wound Management  can boast of 6 points in the evaluation of Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2015). Wound Management is indexed in the Index Copernicus (6.81), CINAHL/EBSCO, Polish Medical Bibliography and EmCare (Elsevier)

In addition to the regular editions also appear issue of supplements, that accompany all scientific events of Societies cooperating with the journal. Supplementary editions were published at the occasion of the Tenth Congress of the Polish Burns Association and thirteenth Congress of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. The amount of regular circulation of Wound Management is 3000 copies and issues on a regular basis and free of charge are sent to the members of the affiliated societies.

Substantive level and scientific content of the journal depends primarily on the involvement and cooperation of all of you – prospective Authors, Reviewers, and a wide range Editorial Board and the Scientific Board. We count on your support.
As a Publisher, we assure that we  make every effort that Wound Management will get to you regularly, and our team will serve you with support and any assistance in daily work.

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ISSN 1733-4101 
eISSN 1733-7607
Amount: 3000
Circulation: Quarterly

Official scientific journal



Indexed in:

Index Copernicus
Polish Medical Bibliography

Evaluation of Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Index Copernicus International over the years

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