About us


Evereth Publishing team are people with many years of experience in scientific publishing. Skillful use of this experience allows us to initiate a project to emphasize the values​​, achievements and results of the Polish science.
The main domains of our activity are publishing books and specialized medical journals and guides for patients. For many years we have had the honor and pleasure to cooperate with the most prominent figures of Polish medicine and participate in the creation of interesting projects and valuable books.


The consequence of this cooperation is the consistent implementation of our assumption – the spread of medical knowledge among  the medical community, pharmacists and patients.


Our aim is to support the initiatives and implementation of valuable publishing projects, as well as creating essential cooperation and exchange of views between the medical community and the pharmaceutical.


Journals and books are not the only tools enabling essential meeting the medical community and pharmacists. In the area of our interest is the service and the organization of conferences, symposia and scientific panels. To “know how” of our publishing house belongs also  skillful use of new technologies and means of communication: e-learning, portals and thematic websites. A separate tool made ​​available by Evereth Publishing is the Custom Publishing Division.

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