Treating burn injuries of less than 30% of total body surface area: not difficult, but requires caution

Introduction Treatment of burn injuries is challenging even after many years of research. A dedicated burn centre would be ideal for management of burn injury patients, however it may not be available in all hospitals. This study was performed in order to assess the possibilities of treatment physical without isolation. Material and methods A retrospective analysis of patients with less than 30% TBSA (total burn surface area) burn injury was performed. Patients were divided into groups of those with less than 20% and 20–29% TBSA of burn injury as well as those with electrical burn injury. The type of the admitting ward, the treatment given and the recovery time were also analysed. Results A majority of the patients recovered within 10 days of injury. A delay in recovery time was seen in electrical injuries and deeper burn injuries. The admitting ward or the physical isolation of the patient did not affect the recovery time. Conclusions Less than 30% TBSA burn injuries can be treated in centres without dedicated burn units. Maintaining strict asepsis during burn wound care and a closed method of treatment help prevent infection of the burn wounds. Hence, limiting the patient’s movement to a perimeter or physical isolation is not required in less than 30% TBSA burn injuries.

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