Wound Management Forum ––

Wound Management Forum is the official scientific journal of the Scientific Association of Wound Management and the Polish Scientific Society of Wound Care and Treatment. The journal revolves around the issue of broadly defined management of wounds of various aetiologies. It is created and supported by the most prominent specialists in the field of wound management in Poland.

For publication in the journal, the author is granted 5 points of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSzW).

The establishment of Wound Management Forum ––

The establishment of the scientific journal Wound Management Forum is closely related to the establishment of Scientific Association of Wound Management in 2019. The quarterly journal consists of original papers, review papers, case reports, letters to the Editor and recommendations, both from the national and international Societies.

We take attendance on the most significant medical events ––

The journal is also published in a supplementary form, accompanying the events organised by the Societies cooperating with us. Participants of the largest conference on wound treatment in Poland, Wound Management Forum, receive a copy of the journal free of charge during the event. The journal is published in the permanent circulation of 3000 copies. The members of the affiliated Societies receive free copies of the journal with regular frequency.